Gain the ability to match a greater range of explosive energies to geology in real time, across wet, dewatered and dry holes, in both pumped and augured loading methods.

A revolutionary bulk explosives system that enables the matching of a wider range of explosives energy to changes in geology in real time.

4D™ supports both pumped and augered loading methods, in wet, dewatered and dry blastholes. Combining our proprietary emulsion chemistry blended with ammonium nitrate porous prills, advanced Mobile Manufacturing Unit (MMU™) capability and LOADPlus™ intelligent process control, 4D™ will improve overall blasting productivity and reduce drill and blast costs through optimised fragmentation from improved energy control.

Click on the technologies above to learn how they contribute to the delivery of 4D™ bulk emulsion.

  1. Bulk emulsion chemistry: New emulsion chemistry enables faster chemical sensitisation and significantly lower densities to be achieved and maintained.  
  2. LOADPlus™: The smart process control system manages the delivery system process flows, ensuring the required blends and densities are manufactured and loaded efficiently. It can be operated in standalone mode, or connected mode to Blast IQ™.
  3. Explosives delivery systems: An upgraded fleet of Bulkmaster™ and Pumpmaster™ Mobile Manufacturing Units (MMU™) with upgraded 4D™ gassing chemical system, injection points and new end of hose technology will support the delivery of 4D™ Bulk products.
  4. SHOTPlus™: An upgraded blast design software that incorporates the 4D™ range of products based on relative bulk strengths, to enable blast designs based on the required energy, irrespective of hole condition. Blast designs developed in SHOTPlus™ can be wirelessly transferred via BlastIQ™ to the LOADPlus™ smart control system in the MMU™ to streamline the loading of blastholes according to blast design, thus eliminating the need for manual input.
  5. BlastIQ™MMU™s equipped with BlastIQ™ enable digital blast designs that are created in SHOTPlus™ to be wirelessly transferred to the MMU™. As-loaded blast data can also be transferred to BlastIQ™ with the continuous logging of MMU™ process drives for product quality control and assurance.


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