About Us


From the Gold Fields to the ASX

Founded in 1874 as a supplier of explosives to the Victorian gold fields in Australia, Orica has grown to become one of the leading publicly-owned companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Throughout this journey there have been several transformations. The original company, Jones, Scott and Co., was bought by Nobel which went on to merge with Brunner Mond and Co, United Alkali Company and British Dyestuffs Corporation to form Imperial Chemical Industries Plc (ICI Plc).

In 1928, Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia and New Zealand (ICIANZ) was incorporated to acquire and coordinate all the Australasian interests of ICI Plc.

In 1971, the company became ICI Australia.

When parent company ICI Plc divested its major shareholding in ICI Australia in 1997, a new independent Australasian company was formed; and on 2 February 1998 we became known as Orica.

Recent Expansion and Acquisitions

Since 1998, Orica has pursued opportunities for organic growth, category expansion, mergers and acquisitions, including:

  • Orica’s acquisition of the global explosives interests of ICI Plc in 1998, beginning our transformation into a global company
  • Several acquisitions by Orica’s Chemnet business that have taken the business into new categories and new geographies
  • Significant capacity expansions at our Yarwun and Kooragang Island ammonium nitrate plants
  • The acquisition of parts of Dyno Nobel’s commercial explosives business
  • The acquisition of Minova, the global leader in specialist chemical products for underground mining and civil engineering activities
  • The acquisition of Excel Mining Systems that expands the breadth of stabilisation systems being offered to customers in the underground mining industry
  • The demerger of DuluxGroup in 2010, continuing Orica's transformation into a focused mining services business supplying the global mining and infrastructure industries with critical consumables
  • In November 2014, Orica Limited announced the sale of its Chemicals business to the Blackstone Group. This transaction was completed in March 2015, and the Chemicals business is trading independently under the name 'Ixom'
  • The acquisition of GroundProbe in 2018, a global market leader in the provision of critical monitoring and measurement technologies for the mining sector
  • The acquisition of Exsa in 2020, Peru’s leading manufacturer and distributer of industrial explosives
  • The acquisition of RIG Technologies and Hopper Industrial Group in 2021, forming part of our orebody intelligence and digital solutions portfolio
  • In 2022, Orica Limited announced the sale of its Minova business to Aurelius Group
  • The acquisition of Axis Mining Technology in 2022, a leader in the design, development and manufacture of specialised geospatial tools and instruments for the mining industry

Going Global

As Orica has evolved into the multi-billion dollar, global company that it is today, we have maintained proud traditions of leadership, innovation, quality and safety.