Employee Stories

Our history is rich with stories of innovation, resilience, and excellence. But the most important part of our story is our people.

The Richey Family


For four generations, the Richey family have been involved with Orica working as powdermen on blasting crews for the mines with Orica (Atlas) products. Nick Richey, the latest family member to join Orica, has built a successful career, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and great grandfather. 

Nick’s career at Orica began in 2012 as an engineering intern at Gold Hill's MMU refurbishment facility. Over the years, he has held various positions within the company, including Shot Service Technician, Account Lead, Site Supervisor, Technical Services Engineer, and Territory Manager. In his current role as Territory Manager, Nick is responsible for commercial and operations management for the Kentucky and Tennessee area.

Nick was inspired to join Orica by the stable career path the company had provided for his family. He grew up watching his father go to work for Orica every day and saw how the company provided for their family.

“My great grandfather and grandfather both worked in Kentucky underground mines on blasting crews using Atlas Powder Products. I grew up watching my dad (Jody) go to work for Orica every day, the company had given a safe and constant environment that was appealing to me and my own career path.” 

Determined to establish his own identity at Orica, he wanted to earn his way through the ranks using his own skillsets and earn the same rapport with his coworkers as his father had. “During my first internship in Gold Hill, I had gone so far as to not tell anyone that my dad also worked for Orica. Once I took over as the site manager for Nashville, I think that is the point where I felt as though I had made my name. People started to acknowledge me because of the success of my team and how unique of an operation we had built.” 

Nick's relationship with his family members who worked at the company has remained strong. He and his father established early on that they would never let their work life affect their relationship outside of the company. They can "leave it at the door" and enjoy activities together, such as fishing or golfing.

Nick said, “the teams that have been built in Orica with safety mindsets and the adaptability to creatively change to new market conditions is what allows us to be an industry leader and will carry us through generations to come.” 
Nick’s father, Jody Richey is a Senior Account Manager based in Nashville, TN, whose journey with Orica started in 1986 at a mix plant for West KY Explosives, a subsidiary of Atlas Powder Co, where he manufactured bulk and packaged explosive products. 

Jody says safety, strong customer relationships, and staying ahead in technology are the reasons why he has remained with Orica so long, our commitment to product supply reliability and innovative solutions resonate deeply with him. Jody believes that Orica's longevity is a result of our focus on safety, stability, opportunities for growth.

Jody’s favourite thing about Orica is that it is family focused.

“Watching my son and colleagues grow in the industry is my favourite part. I was a third generation in the blasting field and now my son is a 4th generation and running the KY and TN area. I enjoy helping them learn and develop”


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