Innovation & Technology

Our approach to technology and innovation.

Innovation at Orica is defined by our pioneering spirit and commitment to working collaboratively with our customers to find solutions to the challenges they face every day. We have over 140 years of experience in innovation, research and technology. 

Our vision is to transform how drill and blast is used to unlock mining value, utilising digital and automated technologies to create safer, and more productive blast outcomes for customers. Our technology and innovation strategy are premised on our commitment to sustained technology investment.

We have technology centres located in Australia, USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Singapore and a Centre for Innovation and Collaboration in Chile and we have over 200 scientists, engineers and technologists around the world. Each centre specialises in specific technologies:

  • Kurri Kurri, Australia – Bulk and Packaged Explosives and Delivery Systems, Software and Blast Sensors and Advanced Computational Blast Modelling
  • Denver, USA – Underground Automation, Computational Modelling and Research
  • Brownsburg, Canada – Electronic Blasting Systems and wireless electronic blasting systems.
  • Gyttorp, Sweden – non-electric initiation
  • Troisdorf, Germany – electronic blasting systems
  • Singapore – advanced data analytics and Intellectual Property
  • Hyderabad, India – Global Engineering Capability

We combine the expertise and insights of our people from around the world with the best minds and technologies to deliver transformational change. From breakthrough ideas that are helping transform our industry, to delivering better outcomes on site today, we know even the seemingly small things can make a significant difference to our customers’ operations. We also leverage our extensive global network of Technical Services engineers to apply our technology. 

 We collaborate with many world-leading research bodies and industry partners, incorporating their specific expertise to create practical solutions for our customers. These include universities, national laboratories, suppliers and independent inventors.


Orica's Strategic Partnerships

We work together, with our customers and each other, because we believe the best outcomes are always achieved through genuine teamwork, trusting partnership and meaningful collaboration.

Customers are at the heart of why we create and deliver innovative blasting solutions. By understanding our customers’ challenges and sharing their goals and aspirations, we deliver better outcomes for them every day, and use this insight to create new technologies that will deliver increasing value for them in the future.

We have amassed more than 140 years of experience and innovation and our focus remains entrenched: to be the supplier of choice for our customers, by bringing together the best people; highest quality products and services; safe, secure and reliable supply; and unmatched technology that creates value for customers, today and tomorrow. 


The Mining Industry faces significant global challenges including environmental sustainability, safety, efficiency, resource depletion, and social responsibility, and innovation is key to meeting them. Therefore, finding ways to address these challenges is essential for the sustainable growth and development of the industry.

Orica provides insights on how these challenges are addressed through their innovative solutions. Tech Insights features a diverse range of technology articles that aim to provide readers with a deeper understanding of these challenges and how technological advancements can improve blasting efficiency.

Whether you're a technology enthusiast or a business leader looking to stay up to date with tech trends, Tech Insights is the perfect destination for you. Join us on our journey to explore the exciting and dynamic world of technology!


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