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A critical enabler in the mechanisation of charging applications. Wireless initiation removes the constraints of traditional initiating systems by eliminating physical connections, allowing freedom to safely mechanically handle detonators and boosters. Millisecond precision enables complete freedom over timing and the assurance that each blasthole will initiate as designed.
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Developed to support Orica’s suite of blasting products, SHOTPlus™ allows a blast designer to produce and export site specific loading parameters to the charging control system of Avatel™. Automation of the loading functions of Avatel™ enables accurate and repeatable execution of the blast design at the face.
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LOADPlus™ serves as the user interface between design and execution of blasting plans, providing complete control over the loading process and WebGen™ encoding, while managing product inventories, machine status and digital reporting of as-loaded data.
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An advanced Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion (ANE) product designed to provide superior in-hole energy control. Subtek™ control’s effectiveness as a variable density bulk product, coupled with the automated string loading capability of Avatel™ provides freedom to control energy distribution around the entire face, ultimately leading to better blasting outcomes.
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GroundProbe® Geotech Monitoring LiDarThis link will open in a new window
Take advantage of Orica’s suite of technology products by combining the world’s most advanced development charging system with the precise, near-real time 3D reconciliation data delivered by GroundProbe®’s GML system, and you have the opportunity to truly optimise development performance.
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A world leader in underground mining equipment solutions, partnering with Epiroc combines Orica’s expertise in commercial explosives and technology with the proven reliability, performance and innovation of Epiroc’s Boomer series. Bringing to life the most innovative development charging unit ever made available to the industry.
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As an underground mining equipment supplier, MacLean Engineering’s commitment to mining safety and productivity runs deep. Orica’s have worked with MacLean to develop a remote hangup solution utilising WebGen™ wireless initiation to manage drawpoint hang-ups in underground operations.

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