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Director's Report - Remuneration Report

The directors of Orica Limited (‘the Company’ or ‘Orica’) present the financial report of the Company and its controlled entities (collectively ‘the consolidated entity’ or ‘the Group’) for the year ended 30 September 2014 and the auditor’s report thereon.


The directors of the Company during the financial year and up to the date of this report are:

  • R R Caplan, Chairman (appointed Chairman on 30 January 2014) 
  • P J B Duncan, Chairman (retired 30 January 2014)
  • I K Smith, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer 
  • C B Elkington Executive Director Finance (appointed on 12 September 2014) 
  • N A Meehan, Executive Director Finance (retired on 31 October 2013) 
  • A Calderon
  • I D Cockerill4 Million tonnes of explosives supplied annually
  • Lim C O
  • G T Tilbrook
  • N L Scheinkestel
  • M N Brenner M Tilley (retired on 30 January 2014)

 Particulars of directors’ qualifications, experience and special responsibilities are detailed on page 14 of the Annual Report.

On 7 March 2014, C Hansen (LLB,BCom) was appointed to the position of Company Secretary of Orica Limited, in addition to his existing responsibilities of Group General Counsel. C Hansen joined Orica in June 2006. He has a wide range of experience in corporate and commercial law and corporate governance in a variety of in-house legal roles, as well as experience in a major Australian law firm.

This position was previously held by A Cook.