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Environmental Monitoring

Orica undertakes environmental monitoring in accordance with requirements outlined in its Environment Protection License and the Voluntary Management Proposal (VMP) for the Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project.  

The information gathered contributes to Orica’s ongoing assessment of risks to human health and the environment, and the current program is informed by monitoring results and research that has occurred over the last three decades. 

Ongoing Groundwater Treatment Plant Monitoring

See Groundwater Treatment Plant Environmental Monitoring Data. 

Quarterly Progress Reports 

Orica prepares quarterly Progress Reports for the Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project.  The progress reports provide details of Orica's cleanup progress against the VMP, and associated Groundwater Remediation and Management Plan. 

Progress Reports are submitted quarterly to the EPA and distributed to NSW Office of Water and other government agencies, environmental organisations, local government, local industries, and community members who have requested a copy.

Attached to each progress report is a detailed report on the latest round of groundwater and surface water testing. This report also details the effectiveness of groundwater containment across the three containment lines. 

View the reports here. 

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General Air Emission Sampling 

Health risk assessments carried out for the Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project have identified air emissions of volatile chemicals from the contaminated groundwater plumes as one of the more important pathways that could expose people to chemicals from the contamination. The main group of people (receptor groups) identified in the health risk assessment that could be potentially exposed to volatile emissions are:

  • Residents
  • Recreational users of Botany Golf Course
  • Employees and workers of surrounding businesses and industrial sites above the plume
  • On-site workers at the Botany Industrial Park

The General Air Emissions sampling program measures the emission rates of volatile chemicals from the surface of the ground and surface water bodies at a number of locations outside the Botany Industrial Park adjacent to representative receptor groups. The program provides data to assess spatial and temporal variations in contaminant concentrations in air emissions, and assesses whether there is any change in the assessment of potential risk to human health.

Latest report*

  • Site Air Emission Sampling

Note: Air emissions sampling is performed every 15 months (weather permitting) and a report is subsequently issued.  

*Older reports are available on request.

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