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Independent Monitoring Committee

Orica acknowledges the community's desire and need to have independent expert advice on a range of technical issues associated with the Groundwater Treatment Plant (GTP) and its operations. 

In response to community feedback, Orica made a commitment at the time of development of the Environmental Impact Statement for the GTP to establish an independent body to monitor the operations of the GTP. Orica's commitment is formalised in condition E6.1 of Orica's Environment Protection Licence as follows:  

‘The licensee must service an Independent Monitoring Committee with technical and community representatives relating to the Groundwater Treatment Plant and its operation. The licensee must provide monitoring information and reports and consult with this Committee as required by the relevant conditions of this licence.'

The overarching objective for the Independent Monitoring Committee (IMC) is to satisfy the above conditions of Orica's Environment Protection Licence by providing expert appraisal of the progress and performance of Orica's GTP and its operations. Over the years it has provided technical guidance to the community through the Botany Groundwater Community Liaison Committee (CLC) and the Orica Botany Liaison Committee (OBLC). 

The IMC Terms of Reference (PDF 30.1KB) were first developed in 2005, then revised in 2010, 2015 and updated in 2016.


Current Members 

  • Associate Prof. Denis M. O'Carroll - expertise in hydrogeology
  • Dr Chris Clunies-Ross - expertise in dioxins
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 Dr Chris Clunies Ross
 Associate Professor 
Denis O'Carroll       

Dr Chris Clunies-Ross


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 Past Members 

  • Dr John McCracken - expertise in process engineering
  • Prof. Ian Acworth - expertise in hydrogeology
  • Prof. Brian Priestly - expertise in human health risk assessment  
  • Dr Mark Hibberd - expertise in air modelling
  • Associate Professor Bryce Kelly - expertise in hydrogeology

    Reports and Activities

    The IMC has prepared reports or provided feedback on the following topics:

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    Meeting Minutes

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