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Community Liaison Committee

For current community engagement meetings please refer to the Orica Botany Liaison Committee

The last meeting of the CLC was held in June 2014. After that a new committee was formed merging the CLC with the CPRC.

About the Committee

A foundation of Orica's consultation process has been the Groundwater Community Liaison Committee (CLC), which was formed soon after Orica's initial surveys identified the groundwater contamination problem.  

The CLC met quarterly to discuss the progress of the Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project, Former ChlorAlkali Plant Mercury Remediation Project, Southlands Development Project and other emerging issues. 


The CLC was made up of a wide range of members from different backgrounds including technical experts, representatives from the local community and industry, environmental groups, local councils, state government agencies and other interested groups. 


CLC Meeting Documents  

Ordinary CLC meetings were held four times a year between 1996 and 2014.

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