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Key Documents

Orica Villawood Environmental Assessment coverWork over many years of investigations provided input to the Environmental Assessment (EA) (February 2011) which is the key document summarising the Orica Villawood Remediation Project. 

It includes the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) (March 2011) which is the document that defined the remediation approach that was used. It also includes Orica's application and declaration, the Director General's Requirements, EA figures and appendices, submissions and Orica's response to submissions, and the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure's determination. 

An EPA-accredited site auditor was appointed and part of his role was to determine whether the RAP had been implemented satisfactorily. 

A Project Approval (April 2012) for the Orica Villawood Remediation Project was issued by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

A project approval modification was issued in April 2013 to allow construction of water treatment ponds. 

A further project approval modification was issued in October 2015 to allow reinstatement of part of the site.

Orica Villawood Project Approval Modification October 2015 (PDF 189.1KB)

Environment protection licence variations were issued by the NSW EPA.


Key Documents – Remediation Phase 

The following plans and reports were prepared and submitted in accordance with the Project Approval:

Key Documents – Post Remediation

Following completion of the remediation phase, a long-term Environmental Management Plan and a Groundwater Management Plan were prepared in consultation with the NSW Environment Protection Authority and an EPA-accredited site auditor. This site auditor prepared a final Site Audit Statement for the site:


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