Emergency Response

Orica Yarwun is committed to improving community awareness of potential hazards through consultation with local emergency services, our industry neighbours and the surrounding community. Comprehensive management systems are in place at our site to ensure that our operations are safe and do not affect the local community. 

Emergency Response Procedures

Orica Yarwun has safely manufactured chemical products for over 30 years. While an emergency event is very unlikely, we have in place an emergency response plan, which incorporates regulartory and emergency services approval. This plan is aimed at the reduction of harm.

In the case of a major emergency, Orica Yarwun will ensure that up-to-date information is made available to the authorities. For further information on our emergency response plan, download our Orica Yarwun Emergency Response Plan Fact Sheet (PDF 177.7KB)

Emergency services are responsible for communicating with the community in the event of an emergency with immediate threat to the community. 

  • Queensland Emergency Services: 000
  • 24 hour Orica Emergency Response Service: 1800 033 111
    This is a phone service for emergency enquiries 
  • For non-emergency enquiries call the Orica Yarwun Community hotline: 1800 061 426

In the unlikely event of an emergency, people need to be aware of steps they can take to ensure their safety. 

What to do in an Emergency 

If a major emergency were to occur, Orica Yarwun recommends that you immediately: 

  • call 000
  • go indoors 
  • close external doors and windows 
  • switch off any air conditioners, heaters or exhaust fans 
  • remain indoors until you receive instructions from the emergency services 
  • tune into the radio or television and listen for information. The "all clear" will be given by the emergency services 
  • after the "all clear" has been given open doors and windows to restore ventilation. 

Please cooperate fully with instructions given by the emergency services.

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