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We are investigating soil, groundwater and soil vapour at a site known as "Lot 60" at 11-13 Desmond Avenue, Marleston, South Australia for chlorinated solvent contamination (e.g. tetrachloroethene, or PCE) associated with past use of the site.

The contamination that we are investigating is contained within the commercial/industrial site and it is not considered that it presents a risk to residents in nearby homes. 

We will share information about the work being conducted openly and transparently to ensure that people living and working near the site can access information and receive responses to questions in a timely manner. 


In September 2016 the EPA notified Orica of groundwater contamination at the site and adjacent land and noted that additional investigations and assessment were required. Following a review of past land uses and available data, we submitted a Voluntary Site Contamination Assessment Proposal (VSCAP) to the EPA for contamination in groundwater at Lot 60. The VSCAP was finalised in November 2017.

Key Documents

Timing - updated February 2019

A site investigation report and a conceptual model report were submitted to the EPA in May and July 2018 respectively. Orica subsequently sought an extension for the delivery of the next reports, due to a delay in site access for monitoring and a need for additional field work. Following further discussions and agreement from the EPA the updated timing for submission of the risk assessment, remediation options assessment and audit report is the end of March 2019. 

Site History

Orica and its predecessor company, ICI Australia Pty Ltd, leased Lot 60 from 1968 to 2006 and operated the site between 1966 and 1999, for the warehousing and distribution of dangerous and non-dangerous goods, including chlorinated solvents.

Chlorinated solvents are used for a variety of industrial uses including degreasing and cleaning. We have not had any operations at Lot 60 since 1999. Lot 60 has been sold to a private company for development. Orica and its predecessor company, ICI Australia Pty Ltd, owned the adjacent Lot 57 from 1964 to 1985. This land was vacant during Orica’s ownership.

Broader Groundwater Contamination

Both the former Orica site and the adjacent Marleston TAFE site formed part of an EPA “Assessment Area”. Environmental assessments at these sites have been undertaken since 2009 to determine the extent of groundwater contamination located on and off-site.

Information about broader groundwater contamination in this area is available on the SA EPA website.

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