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Environmental Monitoring

Since soil treatment was completed in 2012, Orica has monitored groundwater and soil vapour emissions in the vicinity of the former CPWE site as required by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) (Environmental Monitoring Reports). Both of these monitoring programs have been completed at the former CPWE.

Soil Vapour Emission Monitoring

Soil vapour monitoring canistersAt the request of the EPA, soil vapour emission monitoring around the former CPWE area was reported together with the Air Emissions Sampling Program for Botany Industrial Park (BIP) and surrounding areas under Orica's Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project. Sampling was scheduled on a 15-month cycle.  The final soil vapour monitoring results for the CPWE site are available here (PDF 14.1MB).

Groundwater Quality Monitoring

Orica conducted a groundwater monitoring program around the perimeter of what was the CPWE site to satisfy Orica's obligations under its Environment Protection Licence (No. 2148).

Groundwater quality monitoring was conducted on a six-monthly basis in accordance with an EPA-approved Groundwater Monitoring Plan. Groundwater monitoring reports for the period 2011-2015 were prepared annually and are provided below. Further monitoring was required by the EPA and reported (PDF 7.8MB) in September 2017.