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Southlands Development Projects Overview

With demand for industrial land in the Botany area Orica has decided to develop the Southlands site consistent with its industrial zoning. Orica is keen to see vacant land turned into productive space.

Following an extensive planning and assessment phase, Orica received project approval for the Southlands Development Project in April 2012. 

In May 2014 site establishment works commenced. Stage 1 was sold to Goodman in September 2014 and was handed over to Goodman in May 2015. 

Subdivision approval was granted by the Department of Planning in August 2013 for 3.7 hectares of land on Stage 2 of the Southlands property. In 2016 Stage 2 was sold and the project was completed.

Works at the site were conducted in accordance with the comprehensive Conditions of Approval and overseen by a Principal Certifying Authority and the EPA-accredited site auditor. 

In April 2021, a third stage of development was approved that will see an elevated warehousing complex be constructed above the compensatory flood detention basin that was established as part of Stage 1 and 2.

What was Southlands? Southlands and Botany Aerial Map

Southlands was an approximately 18 hectare site situated directly south-west of the Botany Industrial Park. It fronted McPherson Street, Banksmeadow. The site sat entirely within what was the Botany Bay (now Bayside) Local Government Area. It was zoned IN1 (general industrial), and located approximately one kilometre away from the Port of Botany and 500 metres north of the northern shores of Botany Bay. 

Springvale Drain runs through the site adjacent to an unformed road - Nant Street. With the exception of groundwater extraction wells, monitoring wells and associated pipe work, the site had not been built on prior to this project. 



Development Project - STAGES 1 AND 2

In 2012, the Southlands site was subdivided into 12 new lots subject to a Master Plan. The western six lots purchased by Goodman and developed for high quality industrial and warehouse purposes (Stage 1). The project approval included the creation of Lots 7 to 12 on the eastern side of the site (Stage 2). Orica subsequently sold these Lots 7, 8 and 12 to separate purchasers, who have independently developed their lots for different uses.   

A large portion of the eastern side of the site (Lot 9) was retained and recontoured as open space providing compensatory flood storage benefiting the local area. The compensatory flood storage area has been landscaped in accordance with a plan developed with community input and approved by the then Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I) and the then City of Botany Bay Council (now Bayside Council). 

Orica continues to hold small amount of land, comprising Lots 10 and 11, for infrastructure for the ongoing Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project.

The project has been conducted in accordance with the detailed DP&I project approval conditions. 

Master Plan - Stages 1 and 2

Master Plan Southlands Thumb

  • Total site area: 18.288 hectares
  • Site subdivided into 12 lots
  • Industrial development over lots 1-6 (the project approval allowed for warehouse and ancillary office buildings)
  • Lots 7, 8 and 12 divested and subsequently developed by the respective purchasers
  • Orica retention of ownership of Lots 9, 10 and 11, with a large portion of the eastern side (Lot 9) being an open space area providing compensatory flood storage benefiting the local area. Lots 10 and 11 house the infrastructure required for Orica's ongoing Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project.
  • Road improvement works at the intersection of Hills Street with Botany Road, Banksmeadow
  • Site filling and earthworks on the western portion to deliver required building pads
  • Earthworks, and erosion and sediment controls on the eastern portion to delivery a compensatory flood storage area
  • Enhancement and landscaping of Springvale Drain, the site frontage and the compensatory flood storage area
  • Two frog ponds provided along Springvale Drain


The following were key considerations for the Southlands Development Project. Detailed studies on these matters were included in the project's environmental assessment.

Synergy with Orica's Ongoing Groundwater Cleanup Activities 

Southlands plays an important role in the Orica Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project. Development of the site has been planned to enable:

1. Ongoing operation and maintenance of the groundwater containment system installed along the Southlands' McPherson Street boundary
2. Ongoing hydraulic and chemical monitoring
3. Potential for future application of other groundwater remediation technologies.

Management of Site Access and Local Traffic Constraints

 Local traffic constraints were identified as a key concern to local businesses and residents during community workshops. Local road improvements determined by the Department of Roads and Maritime Services to the intersection of Botany Road and Hills Street were a condition of the project approval for the development.

Flood Management

 A large compensatory flood storage area has been delivered according to conditions of the project approval to ensure no significant changes to off-site flood impacts as a result of the proposed development. 

Managing Contamination 

The Southlands site was unfenced for several decades prior to and following Orica's acquisition. As a result, it was subject to dumping of rubbish, building debris and general refuse. Additionally, prior to Orica ownership the site was subject to dumping of paper pulp from local manufacturers and ash from Bunnerong Power Station.

Orica conducted a series of investigations to assess the extent of this impact and what actions were required to render it suitable for occupation.

Orica has removed some minor areas identified as containing materials unsuitable for the development. Furthermore, due to the presence of extensive building debris, the Stage 1 area has been covered with clean imported soil to prevent incidental exposure by future occupants. The remedial approach was developed in conjunction with a NSW EPA approved contaminated sites auditor. 
The majority of the remediation for Stage 2 was completed in Stage 1 works (i.e. removal of hotspot materials). An addendum Remediation Action Plan was developed for Stage 2 outlining additional measures required during construction works (such as vapour controls and capping). These measures were implemented by the purchaser during development. 

Project Environmental Initiatives 

Site Landscaping

On the recommendation of a community member, Orica invited Mr Doug Benson, Senior Plant Ecologist from the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, to provide comment on the draft landscaping approach for the project. The landscaping plan incorporated feedback from Mr Benson and was approved by the then DPI and the then City of Botany Bay Council.


Green and Golden Bell Frog Habitat

Orica adopted a recommendation to provide habitat ponds for Green and Golden Bell Frogs, which were once observed at the site but have not been found in more recent surveys. 



Orica began holding community workshops on the Southlands Development Project in mid 2006, with the project being introduced as one of the topics during two community briefings that provided an overview and update on the Botany Transformation Projects. 
Orica held subsequent community consultation workshops in 2007 and 2009 during development of the project to provide an opportunity for the community to participate in detailed discussions that focused on a particular issue or topic. 
Between 2010 and 2016 project updates for Stages 1 and 2 were provided at Community Liaison Committee (CLC) and Orica Botany Liaison Committee (OBLC) meetings. 
In 2018, Orica commenced discussion with the OBLC about Stage 3 development of the Southlands site.

Stage 3 Development

In 2019, Orica applied for State Significant Development approval for Lot 9 of the Southlands site (also known as 28 McPherson Street, Banksmeadow).  Lot 9 is the location of the compensatory flood detention basin. Orica sought development approval for a warehouse development comprising warehouse buildings and hardstand/car parking constructed on a suspended concrete platform above the existing compensatory flood storage area.

Southlands Lot 9

Key Documents

  • Request for Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements   
  • Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements 
  • Environmental Impact Statement   
  • State Significant Development Approval     

 View  NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment major projects for above listed documents.

Orica has shared news of this proposal via the following communication channels and invites feedback or questions via our community hotline on 1800 035 138.



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