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Publications and Reports

Fact Sheets 

Remediation Project History (PDF 185.7KB)

Former ChlorAlkali Plant Mercury Remediation Project - April 2016 (PDF 414KB)

Former ChlorAlkali Plant Operation and Demolition Fact Sheet   (PDF 268.9KB)

Investigating Mercury Contamination 2006 - 2009 Fact Sheet  (PDF 331.3KB)

NSW Department of Health Fact Sheet on Mercury 

Groundwater Monitoring 

On 30 April 2012 Orica submitted a Groundwater Monitoring Plan to the NSW EPA for annual monitoring for mercury in groundwater. Groundwater sampling under the Plan was carried out between December 2012 and December 2016.  Ongoing groundwater monitoring in the vicinity of the FCAP is continuing in accordance with the Ongoing Maintenance Order. Reports are available on request.


Site Audit Statements

The FCAP Project was overseen by a NSW EPA-accredited Site Auditor, Mr Chris Jewell. He prepared the following Site Audits:

Site Audit Blocks A and M, Former ChlorAlkali Plant, Botany Industrial Park - December 2013 (PDF 4.9MB)

Site Audit Excavation of Shallow Impacted Soils, Block G, Former ChlorAlkali Plant, Botany Industrial Park - January 2014 (PDF 4.9MB) 

Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment Report (HHERA) 2013 

In 2008 a Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment (HHERA) was prepared to assess the potential risks to human health and the environment associated with mercury in soil and groundwater.  

In late 2012 the NSW EPA requested a review of the 2008 HHERA in order to consider more recent monitoring and toxicity data and a revision to the National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) for Assessment of Contaminated Sites. 

The Revised HHERA was reviewed by the NSW EPA and is provided below.