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Our Vision

Orica has a vision for the future of its Deer Park properties situated 15 kilometres west of the Melbourne CBD. 

Currently, Orica is setting the framework for its soil remediation program and with this in mind, objectives for the future of the site have been set as follows:


To the satisfaction of the EPA, Orica will remediate contamination that has resulted from its historical operations. This process could take several years to complete.


During the remediation program, plan for the future integration of the property into the City of Brimbank’s economy, employment objectives and community.

Social Benefit 

Allow the future use of the site to be determined by economic and social uses that will benefit Brimbank and Melbourne’s Western Suburbs.


Establish the framework by which the site may be redeveloped. This will allow Orica’s remediation program to progress in an orderly, expedited and informed fashion.


Orica will take action to secure the future of the site, protect the environment and work together with stakeholders to deliver an integrated re-development of the property that gives rise to enduring value for the community.