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Kooragang Island and the Environment 

At Orica we understand that good environmental performance is essential to ensure our ongoing business success. 

Orica operates extremely complex facilities that provide great benefit to many Australian businesses and consumers. We always aspire to the highest environmental standards and we work to embed environmental stewardship in everything we do. We consider both the short and long-term impacts of our operations on the environment and work to minimise our environmental footprint and legacies.

Improvement projects are regularly undertaken on site to ensure our environmental performance continues to meet the standards expected by the community, regulatory bodies and Orica. 

We are committed to ensuring that all operations are conducted in accordance with our Environment Policy.

The Protection of the Environment (Operations) Act 1997 requires facilities such as ours to hold an Environment Protection Licence (EPL No. 828). This licence includes the emission limits, monitoring, reporting requirements and environmental improvement programs that the facility must comply with. The EPL includes Pollution Reduction Programs (PRP) which are being implemented to improve the site’s environmental performance. 

Although the Kooragang Island site achieves a compliance rate of greater than 99.5 percent against monitoring requirements, any non-compliance is treated seriously and Orica investigates all breaches to enable appropriate controls to be put in place to minimise the risk of a recurrence and to share learning within the organisation. 

Orica is also required to report emissions on an annual basis in the National Pollution Inventory (NPI). This information includes a combination of measured emissions and estimates based on government developed emission factors. The NPI reports are available at the National Pollution Inventory website

Social responsibility is the foundation of Orica’s operations and ensuring sustainability through the delivery of value to stakeholders in the key areas of governance, safety, health and environment, product stewardship, people, community engagement and communication is how we ensure our social licence to operate. Information on Orica’s sustainability and the actions being undertaken to continue to improve our operations are detailed in our annual sustainability report. 

General Licence Requirements

Environment Protection Licence No.


Licence Anniversary Date

1 April

Annual Return

Submitted each year and provides a summary of the monitoring required by the licence, compliance with licence conditions and the load based fee calculation.

Recording of Complaints

Orica is required to operate a telephone complaints line (free call 1800 789 044) to enable the public to contact the facility. Records of the complaints are required to be retained, including the complainant’s name, address and contact details plus the nature of the complaint and any action taken to address the issue.



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