KI 01

Ammonia Management Improvement

A project to significantly improve the way ammonia is managed at the site was completed in 2020.

The works, which spanned over an eight-year period and cost around $100 million included:

  • upgrades to ammonia storage vessels
  • upgrades to ammonia detection and isolation systems
  • the installation of three flaring systems designed to prevent ammonia emissions and their associated odour
  • the replacement of the ammonia pipeline between the site and Kooragang Berth 2 to ensure the ongoing safe operation of the site’s ammonia import and export process
  • the installation of a new pump and associated piping at the 12,000-tonne ammonia storage tank.

Flaring system

Three flaring systems were installed during the project

Ammonia feed tank

A new ammonia feed tank was installed in the Nitrates operations during the project