KI 01

No.1 Nitric Acid Plant New Stack


In 2022, we completed a project to replace the stack on the No.1 nitric acid plant. The original stack, which had been part of the Kooragang Island site’s skyline since 1969, had reached the end of its life.

The new stack is the same height as the old one (86m) and located in the same vicinity. The project took 12 months to complete and cost around $11 million.

Stack numbers

$11M build; 500m electrical cable; 450m piping; 14,605 hours worked; 124 extra workers; 90 tonnes of steel; 2,400 bolts; 340 cubic metres concrete; 86m high; 17m underground pilings

NAP 1 Stack 1

The old and new stacks side by side, before the old stack was removed

Completed new NAP1 stack

The completed new NAP1 stack cost $11 to construct