KI 01

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

A project to remediate arsenic-contaminated soil and groundwater near the site’s north-western boundary was completed in 2019.

The works involved the construction of a 12-metre deep, low permeability, below-ground wall to enclose the arsenic contamination. A cap was then constructed above ground to minimise rainwater entering the contained area.

Ongoing groundwater monitoring is being undertaken to ensure the system is operating effectively.

The contamination is the result of an historical manufacturing process in which an arsenic-containing solution was used in the ammonia plant. The practice was ceased in 1994, before Orica took over ownership of the site in 2003.

No complaints have been received in relation to the project to date.

Remediation works underway

Works included the construction of a below-ground wall

Finished remediation area

An aerial view of the completed cap and containment system