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Pollution Incident Notification

Relevant Authorities

Section 148 of the POEO Act requires relevant authorities to be immediately contacted where a pollution incident occurs in the course of an activity so that material harm to the environment is caused or threatened. Details for authorities to be immediately contacted are listed below.

Government Agency - Immediate Contact List 

The protocol for industry notification of pollution incidents specifies that the employer or any person carrying on activities in which a pollution incident occurs to immediately notify each of the following relevant authorities in the order specified when material harm to the environment is caused or threatened:

  1. 000 - If the incident presents an immediate threat to human health or property. Fire Rescue NSW, the police and NSW Ambulance Service are the first responders responsible for controlling and containing incidents. In an emergency this may have already been completed by the emergency commander
  2. If the incident does not require an initial combat agency (or once 000 has been called) notify the relevant authorities in the following order
    1. EPA Environment Line - 131 555
    2. Ministry of health - Office Hours 9840 3603
      Outside office hours (Request Environmental Officer) 9845 5555
    3. The Workcover Authority 131 050
    4. Local Council (Bankstown City Council) 9707 9999
    5. Fire and Rescue 000

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