Orica is a global leader in manufacturing emulsifiers and fuel blends for explosives manufacturers.


Emulsifiers have been used since the early 1960s to prepare ‘emulsion explosives’ – which are dispersions of oxidisers in ’water-in-oil’ emulsions.

Today, this unique structure is highly valued for its ability to allow safe and efficient use in high-volume bulk loading systems.

Orica’s range of emulsifiers are reliable, efficient and cost-effective – incorporating cutting-edge technology and four decades of manufacturing expertise.

With a range of products available, our specialty emulsifiers team works with customers to identify the right solution for their unique challenges.

Emulsifiers range

The Surface range enables repeated pumpability, superior water resistance for surface bulk emulsions, and excellent gassing tolerance and performance in blasting.

The Underground range is optimised for both production and development blasting applications, including difficult upholes and deep downholes.

The Packaged range has outstanding stability and prolonged shelf-life. It can be easily customised for individual site requirements (e.g. reactive ground, various pH ranges or high or low temperatures).

Emulsifiers at Deer Park

Orica’s world-class Deer Park facility is solely dedicated to manufacturing emulsifiers, PIBSA and fuel blends – with an annual emulsifier capacity of 25,000 MT.

This facility also houses Orica’s Emulsifier Applications Technical Centre.

From Deer Park, our proven global supply chain provides emulsifiers and fuel blends to over 100 sites in more than 30 countries – offering safe and secure delivery to even the most remote operations.


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