Blast Information Management

View, share and analyse blast information, anywhere, anytime.

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BlastIQ™ enables you to digitally manage drill and blast information and processes, providing a secure, centralised online platform for the collection and interpretation of data and insights across the entire blasting process.

Advanced user and version control, as well as customised workflow management allows for rapid access to control and audit blast related data, facilitating better decision making and regulatory compliance. A smart and simple way to improve efficiency and increase productivity. 

Access files anywhere, anytime from any device
Reduce administrative time through electronic sharing of information from a centralised online location.
Real-time data exchange between participants in the drill and blast process
Enabling easier and time-efficient audits and blast investigations.  
Secure reliable document management
All data is securely stored on Microsoft's Azure platform; offering comprehensive compliance coverage including the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
User-defined document control with embedded hold-points and sign-off processes to suit any operational workflows
Standardised and systemised drill and blast approval processes with embedded hold-points and sign-off.
Full traceability of document history with version control
Live and simultaneous views for multiple authorised users, with time-stamped version control and history preservation. 


The next generation BlastIQ™ Platform delivers a suite of enhanced technologies, empowering better decision making and increased control of blasting outcomes.

The technologies in the BlastIQ™ Platform are designed to deliver economic and operational value individually, but the benefits are maximised when they are integrated in a systemised process.

BlastIQ™ Platform
Blasting information at your fingertips.


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Vision video - digitally enabled better blasting powered by BlastIQ™
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Centralised Blast Information Management Flyer - View, share and analyse blast information, anywhere, anytime.
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BlastIQ™ следующего поколения — комплексные технологические решения для оптимизации каждого взрыва
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Next Generation BlastIQ™ Brochure - Integrated technology solutions to optimise every blast.
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