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Optimising fragmentation for downstream process efficiency.

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FRAGTrackTM enables you to improve productivity and optimise drill and blast through the integration of fragmentation data into the drill and blast planning and design processes.

Real-time web-based interface for superior analysis and decision making
The integration of Microsoft Azure solution allows edge data to now sync in real-time to the cloud, promoting collaboration amongst stakeholders. FRAGTrack™ Web enables remote access to live and historical fragmentation data for all authorised users, including specific KPI tracking.
Integrated solution
FRAGTrack™ solution provides APIs to directly integrate with site Fleet Management Systems (FMS), Crusher Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and blasting software, allowing continuous monitoring of performance of blasting, hauling and crushing.
Improved diggability
Measurement of blast outcomes provides the insight required to ensure optimal fragmentation targets are being met to meet targeted diggability rates.
Blast optimisation
Rock fragmentation data and insights, integrated with other related sources helps drive the necessary improvements in blast designs, delivering better blast outcomes.
Improved plant throughput
The greater sampling frequency enabled by autonomous systems for capture and processing of samples provides greater insights, allowing visualisation and comparative analysis of multiple sample data sets, and identification of oversize material.
Improved safety
Improved safety of personnel through the elimination of manual sampling methods.


The next generation BlastIQ™ Platform delivers a suite of enhanced technologies, empowering better decision making and increased control of blasting outcomes.

The technologies in the BlastIQ™ Platform are designed to deliver economic and operational value individually, but the benefits are maximised when they are integrated in a systemised process.

Advanced blast design and modelling software for complex blasts.
Automated capture and reporting of fragmentation data.


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FRAGTrack™ Crusher Flyer (pdf 614.1KB)This link will open in a new window
FRAGTrack™ Crusher Flyer - Automated pre-crusher fragmentation measurement and analysis.
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Orica FRAGTrack™ Conveyor Flyer (pdf 613.2KB)This link will open in a new window
FRAGTrack™ Conveyor Flyer - Automated measurement analysis of fragmentation data.
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Case study - Optimising blasting for increased saleable production using FRAGTrack™ Conveyor (pdf 345.9KB)This link will open in a new window
Case study - Optimising blasting for increased saleable production using FRAGTrack™ Conveyor
Customer testimonial from David Stewart, Senior Production Manager for Warren County Quarry, M ...
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600005_Case Study_Continuous Blast Improvement with FRAGTrack_Ghana_Page_1
Case study - Continuous blast improvement with FRAGTrack™ (pdf 351.4KB)This link will open in a new window
Case study - Continuous blast improvement with FRAGTrack™
Newmont successfully installed FRAGTrack™ remotely without onsite support.
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