BlastIQ™ Mobile - Visibility and control of on bench operations

BlastIQ™ Mobile

Improved visibility and control of on bench operations.

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BlastIQ™ Mobile enables accurate and efficient recording of data related to the blasthole.

Blast pattern designs can be imported from SHOTPlus™ or created ‘on the fly’ during dipping or loading operations.

Blasthole parameters such as depth and hole condition are electronically captured on bench. This enables quality assurance of drilling operations and confirmation of hole status, prior to commencing loading. The Blast Loading module records the volume of explosives and stemming material loaded into each deck within the blasthole and can also be used to adjust the loading instruction at point-of-load, via the application of Loading Rules.


Hole position identification capability
Available in both BlastIQ™ enabled delivery systems and BlastIQ™ Mobile, the hole position identification feature helps operators to identify holes on-bench, reducing errors from potential confusion over hole identification and ensuring accurate recording of which holes have been dipped or loaded.


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Blast Control for Mining
BlastIQ™ offers full control throughout the blasting process, delivering quality control management of blast design implementation through improved visibility and control of bench operations, and systemised access and implementation of design and loading rules.
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Vision video - digitally enabled better blasting powered by BlastIQ™
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Complete Blast Quality Control Flyer - Delivering cost savings and supreme blast outcomes with consistent implementation of blast designs.
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BlastIQ™ следующего поколения — комплексные технологические решения для оптимизации каждого взрыва
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