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Automated capture and reporting of fragmentation data.

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FRAGTrack™ is a state-of-the-art fragmentation measurement tool designed to provide rapid insights into the outcome of your blasting process. Our advanced vision technology improves productivity through fragmentation profile analysis, facilitating blast optimisation for downstream impact.

Reliability and accuracy
High level accuracy with results comparable to conventional sieve analysis methods. Designed and tested to meet the demanding requirements of the mining environment.
Engineered data integrity
Localised image processing and storage ensures data security and control through the preservation of both sample and processed data on the device in times of communication failure.
High quality stereoscopic
Advanced binocular machine vision technology
Unique hybrid 2D/3D technique provides automated high quality stereoscopic fragmentation image analysis, allowing continued high performance in variable lighting, material colour and texture environments.
Location and time tracking
Blast fragmentation measurements logged to a precise location and point in time by capturing spatial co-ordinates and timestamp information with each image.
Available in belt conveyor and shovel mounted configurations
The system can be configured for both operating face-shovel, for continual assessment of PSD at the dig face of a muck pile, as well as above the operational conveyor, allowing the determination of both volume and mass of material.
Autonomous and unbiased sampling
The smart triggering system ensures only valid samples are collected and processed. Eliminating sampling bias and increasing sample frequency.
Empty belt detection
FRAGTrack™’s sophisticated triggering mechanism ensures only valid results are captured for analysis, ensuring decisions are made on valid information at all times.
Seamless integration
Web based interface for superior access and viewing of real-time data
Online access allows user configurable display for historical data, key performance indicators and reporting needs. Access your data anywhere, anytime on any device.


1900x550-Fragmention control
Fragmentation Control
The Fragmentation Control solution provides automated capture and reporting of fragmentation data from conveyors and muck piles, enabling improvements in fragmentation outcomes and increasing downstream process performance.
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Fragmentation Measurement - Optimising fragmentation for downstream process efficiency
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