SHOTPlus™ - Blast design and modelling software for surface mining, quarrying, civil and oil and gas.


Advanced blast design and modelling software for complex blasts.

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Our SHOTPlus™ range of blast design and modelling software enable users to design, visualise and analyse blast initiation sequences across surface and underground mining, quarry and construction applications.

SHOTPlus™ provides you the support and tools that you need to improve your productivity, safety and environmental performance. 


Advanced loading rules
Advanced loading rules can easily be developed and automatically applied to hole profile traces, providing optimum design loading and powder factors according to actual rock properties.
Available in other versions
SHOTPlus™ is also available in Tunnel, Underground, and Surface Premier versions.
Full 3D design environment
Including rotation tool to view blastholes from any angle and proximity, including blast face and drill floor.
Blast timing and simulation management
Managed manually or automatically, with traditional pyrotechnic or advanced electronic blasting systems, highlighting any problems and confirming the timing sequence, before applying to the blast.
Calculation tools and diagnostics
Single-click diagnostics show possible misfires, or booster assembly proximity to inert deck interfaces.
Integrate third party designs and layouts from other mine design software
Full capability to import data related to material type, hole ID, backfill and hole area from a range of mine planning software.
Comprehensive design and modelling capability with SHOTPlus™ Premier for complex blasts
Large mines with multiple pits can benefit from blast design templates for each pit and separate blast domains within the pit. The templates improve management, control and efficiency of each blast.
Advanced timing capability for electronic blasting systems
Users can create unique timing sequences for each horizon or strata in a blast with multiple horizons.
Automated data transfer and compatibility with the BlastIQ™ suite
Import and export templates allow streamlining of routine data transfers between software.
Develop loading rules
Use an extended range of parameters to develop loading rules, including bench height, burden and spacing, row number, hole parameters (including length, diameter, angle and type (eg. presplit)) and segments, or intercepts within a hole.
Superior visualisation and reporting tools
A comprehensive range of visualisation tools can assist with the development of firing sequences, to ensure optimisation of each blast.


Complete Blast Quality Control Banner
Blast Control for Mining
BlastIQ™ offers full control throughout the blasting process, delivering quality control management of blast design implementation through improved visibility and control of bench operations, and systemised access and implementation of design and loading rules.
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Optimised Blast Design Banner
Blast Design
Achieve better quality blast outcomes with our advanced 3D blast design tool. BlastIQ™ eliminates excess drilling and explosives consumption through design optimisation – an innovation built for efficiency and cost reduction.
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1900x550-Fragmention control
Fragmentation Control
The Fragmentation Control solution provides automated capture and reporting of fragmentation data from conveyors and muck piles, enabling improvements in fragmentation outcomes and increasing downstream process performance.
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Vibration and Airblast Control Banner
Vibration and Airblast Control
The BlastIQ™ Vibration and Airblast control solution safeguards license to operate and optimises blasting productivity in constrained environments by providing the tools to design, model, implement and measure blasts to vibration limits.
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Vision video - digitally enabled better blasting powered by BlastIQ™
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SHOTPlus™ Premier Flyer - Blast design and modelling software to optimise every blast.
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Optimised Blast Design Flyer - Better quality blast outcomes and reduced costs with optimised blast designs.
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Complete Blast Quality Control Flyer - Delivering cost savings and supreme blast outcomes with consistent implementation of blast designs.
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