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Orica provides the Civil Construction industry with leading products and services through three brands – Orica, Nitro Consult and Minova

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Civil Solutions

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Orica is the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and blasting systems to the civil construction, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas markets. We service the Civil Construction industry through three brands – Orica, Nitro Consult and Minova, providing industry leading products and services in the categories of commercial explosives and blasting systems; environmental monitoring and consulting, blast consulting, rock engineering and ground control.
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Nitro Consult™ provides a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring and consultancy services for the construction and mining industries. In civil construction we work in partnership with project owners, contractors, local authorities, communities and other stakeholders to optimise the performance of blasting projects, supporting the entire project life-cycle. With specialist expertise in highly sensitive blasting, inner-city rock excavation, rock engineering and blast-measurement and control technology, Nitro Consult™ is your trusted partner for confidence in all civil blasting works.

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Minova is a global manufacturer and supplier of chemical and mechanical earth control products, adhesives and ground support equipment. Our industry leading product range includes resins, bolts, grouts and other speciality products to ensure your complete confidence in the waterproofing and stability of the rock surrounding your work environment.

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