Blast Control for Underground
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Blast Control for Underground


Improve underground blasting performance with integrated solutions.


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BlastIQ™ Underground provides quality control and improved underground drill and blast productivity for superior blast outcomes.

Operations can efficiently manage their blasting process, from planning to post blast analysis, with user-friendly reporting, analytics and information management.

Improve blast execution
Digitise blasting to provide greater engineering control over the blast execution by monitoring compliance to design.
Third party interoperability
Ingest mine planning data from multiple sources to develop the blast design.
Improve blasting productivity
Increase productivity by digitally sharing blast designs and reapplying charging designs based on recorded hole conditions. Empowering engineers to identify opportunities for ongoing improvement in drilling and charging operations.
Streamline mine scheduling
Near real-time visibility of prepping and charging operations with cloud storage and visualisation, enabling more time efficient audits, blast investigations and optimisation projects.
Volumetric analysis to improve recovery
Capture volumes of material between designed and actual extraction bounds by integrating the block model to understand the effect drilling and blasting have on recovery.
Streamline blast reporting
Central file storage, blast management, file sharing and referencing of blast related information.


The next generation BlastIQ™ Platform delivers a suite of enhanced technologies, empowering better decision making and increased control of blasting outcomes.

The technologies in the BlastIQ™ Platform are designed to deliver economic and operational value individually, but the benefits are maximised when they are integrated in a systemised process.

BlastIQ™ Design
Better quality blast outcomes with optimised blast designs.
BlastIQ™ Mobile
Improved visibility and control of on bench operations.


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BlastIQ™ Underground – Flyer (pdf 549.8KB)This link will open in a new window
BlastIQ™ Underground provides quality control and improved underground drill and blast productivity for superior blast outcomes.
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BLASTIQ QUARRY (pdf 1.1MB)This link will open in a new window
BlastIQ™ Quarry Flyer - Streamlined and improved Blasting through smart and Integrated solutions
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Next Generation BlastIQ™ Brochure (pdf 851.3KB)This link will open in a new window
Next Generation BlastIQ™ Brochure - Integrated technology solutions to optimise every blast.
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Blast Control Flyer (pdf 494.3KB)This link will open in a new window
Complete Blast Quality Control Flyer - Delivering cost savings and supreme blast outcomes with consistent implementation of blast designs.
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