Blast Control - Management of blast design implementation
Blast Control

Blast Control for Mining

Delivering cost savings and superior blast outcomes with consistent implementation of blast designs.

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BlastIQ™ provides quality control management of blast design implementation.

BlastIQ™ offers full control throughout the blasting process, delivering quality control management of blast design implementation through improved visibility and control of bench operations, and systemised access and implementation of design and loading rules.

Hole position identification capability
Available in both BlastIQ™ enabled delivery systems and BlastIQ™ Mobile, the hole position identification feature helps operators to identify holes on-bench, reducing errors from potential confusion over hole identification and ensuring accurate recording of which holes have been dipped or loaded.
Seamless electronic transfer of designs and data, minimising the potential for transcription error
Through BlastIQ™ Mobile or Orica's Bulkmaster™ delivery system, field data is easily captured electronically and transferred to the BlastIQ™ Platform for rapid access, reporting, insights and audits.
Full delivery system
Full delivery system data integration
World first two-way data integration with Orica's Bulkmaster™ delivery units providing accurate and automated data capture seamlessly every time.
Improves visibility and control of on-bench operations
Blast crews use technologies with in-built access to design and automate loading rules for efficient capture of auditable data from the bench.
Automated Insights
Automated Insights
BlastIQ™ automatically generates standardised visuals of key parameters from your blasting data, allowing for rapid analysis and insights both within and across blasts, providing new levels of understanding and measurements of efficiency.
Visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Exception reports can be generated to provide better visibility to manage blast quality control.
Eliminates excess expense
Eliminates excess expense and reduces risk of poor environmental outcomes
Eliminate manual entry and drive efficiency through ensuring the right product with the right energy is put in the blasthole every time.
Enables operations personnel
Enables operations personnel with systemised access to design and loading rules
Real-time visibility between the bench and the office, allowing for rapid design updates and loading rules to be generated and communicated back to the loading crews to make the necessary changes to optimise the blast.


The next generation BlastIQ™ Platform delivers a suite of enhanced technologies, empowering better decision making and increased control of blasting outcomes.

The technologies in the BlastIQ™ Platform are designed to deliver economic and operational value individually, but the benefits are maximised when they are integrated in a systemised process.

BlastIQ™ Platform
Blasting information at your fingertips.
BlastIQ™ Mobile
Improved visibility and control of on bench operations.
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BlastIQ™ enabled delivery system
Improved precision and efficiency of explosives delivery
Advanced blast design and modelling software for complex blasts.


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Vision video - digitally enabled better blasting powered by BlastIQ™
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SHOTPlus™ Premier Flyer - Blast design and modelling software to optimise every blast.
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Complete Blast Quality Control Flyer - Delivering cost savings and supreme blast outcomes with consistent implementation of blast designs.
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BlastIQ™ следующего поколения — комплексные технологические решения для оптимизации каждого взрыва
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