ENVIROTrack™ - Monitor, measure and control environmental impacts
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Monitor, measure and control environmental impacts of blasting.

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An advanced technology for monitoring, measuring and controlling a range of potential environmental impacts in surface and underground mining, quarry and construction applications.

Used around the globe in over 4,000 mining and construction projects, ENVIROTrack™ can help plan safe and effective blasting, whilst minimising the impact on the environment and facilitating regulatory compliance.


 Advanced vibration modelling
Advanced Vibration Management (AVM)
Blast designs utilise predictive modelling using changes in explosives charge-weights or blast initiation sequences, to allow comparison of predicted vibration outcomes.
Measurement data is recorded in real-time for analysis and future blast planning and development of site laws
Communicating continually with field sensors via a wireless network, the measurement data is automatically transferred from measurement point, providing accurate data in near real-time.
Post-blast data presented graphically, so users can easily manage and improve blasting compliance
The availability of accurate and reliable measurement data, means business interruptions and delays are minimised.
Online access to advanced vibration tools, including ground vibration prediction
Stakeholders receive details of blasting outcomes wirelessly, and can share with regulatory authorities, the community and employees.


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Vibration and Airblast Control
The BlastIQ™ Vibration and Airblast control solution safeguards license to operate and optimises blasting productivity in constrained environments by providing the tools to design, model, implement and measure blasts to vibration limits.
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