WebGen™ 100 - World’s First Truly Wireless Initiating System

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WebGen™ 100 is the world’s first Wireless Initiating System for mining – a significant step in the evolution of blast initiation.

The system includes wireless in-hole primers which are initiated by a firing command that communicates through rock, water and air.

Unlike traditional “wired” systems where a firing command travels from the blast box through harness wire and into the detonator, the WebGen™ System communicates with the in-hole primer via Ultra Low Frequency signals called Magnetic Induction.

The blasting sequence is 'stored' in the Primer during encoding which is performed when charging the blast.

All WebGen™ units require the correct unique signal to 'wake up' and then the correct signal to fire.

1. Wireless Primer 


The Wireless Primer is the source of blast initiation and consists of three components:

  • i-kon™ Plugin: Accurate and fully programmable detonator with millisecond timing accuracy which can be assigned delays up to 30 seconds. A benchmark in reliability and accuracy.
  • DRX™: The i-kon™ electronic detonator plugs into a receiver comprising a multi directional antenna, and a battery which serves as the in‑hole power source.
  • Pentex™ W Booster: Securely locks onto the unit at the time of charging a blast hole. 

2. Encoder Controller


The Encoder Controller programs every individual Wireless Primer with its own unique encrypted code. This Encoder contributes to the inherent safety of the system, and programs each Wireless Primer with two codes. The first code is a unique Group Identity Number (GID) which is for exclusive use at each mine and assigned to specified groups of primers which will sleep, wake and fire together. The second code is a ‘Delay time’ which is specific to the wireless primer and blast design. 

3. Fire System Transmitter


Generates the electrical signal for the antenna to communicate with the DRX™ in the blastholes. 

4. Transmitter Controller


Controls the transmitter and supplies the wake and fire commands for an encoded DRX™ Group.

5. Antenna


Two antenna options, a four loop portable for short range transmission or a 40 m loop for long range transmission. 

Firing point Transmitter & Antenna area


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