• Improved load and haul productivity - Increase flexibility in pit planning, increased blasted inventory, reduce misfire zones and eliminate firing window variability and minimise impact of lightning production delays.
  • Improved safety - Eliminates the interaction between heavy vehicles and initiating systems while also reducing people exposure to on bench hazards.
  • Simplified bench operations - No tie-in process, no misfires from wire damage, reduce resources on bench, lower stemming costs, reduce inventory and eliminate back-up practices.


Block Cave - Drawbell & Undercut​
Reduce cycle times by pre-charging rings with WebGen™. Eliminate the need for rill stabilisation and redrilling​
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Block Cave - Hang-Up Blasting
Reduce exposure time to drawpoints and wet muck hazards. Tele-remote solution reduce production delays and increase drawpoint availability.
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Block Cave - Pre-Conditioning
Reduce complexity of the drill and blast process, remove people from hazardous areas and complete mining cycle faster.
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Open Cut
Reduce complexity on bench and eliminate wire related misfires. Enabling new and better ways of mining in steeply dipping coal seams or multi tier applications in hard rock.​
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Stranded Pillar Recovery
Pillar extraction is high cost and resource heavy. Reduce extraction costs up to 75% using wireless technology.​
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Sub Level Caves
By pre-charging blast holes WebGen™ offers a significantly safer solution at SLC operations, reducing exposure of personnel at the brow and the opportunity move more material per shift lowering overall cost per tonne.
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Sub Level Open Stope
Aggregating charging events will minimise re-entry to the stope, reduce dilution, maximise free bogging and increase the speed of stope turnover.
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Temporary Pillar Recovery​
Revolutionary mining method to extract ore pillars that previously could not be recovered. Using WebGen™ the inaccessible pillars can be blasted, reducing dilution by >30% and increasing truck fill factors.​
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