• Firing on Demand - Reduce the number of blasting events by merging multiple WebGen™ blasts and firing in one event.
  • Flyrock and dust suppression - Extra layer of material - clay, steel or rubber mesh, as an additional mitigation measure. Irrigation through water trucks driving over loaded blast patterns can aid in dust suppression.
  • Secure when loaded - There are no in hole or surface wires, this ensures product is secure in blasthole once loaded.
  • Customer Stories

    "The proven benefits of the SSR give us confidence that we are maximising production potential and improving safety on site."

    Ben Ploughman
    Geotechnical Engineer
    Leigh Creek Coal Mine

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  • Customer Stories

    "I am very happy with the product. Potential for misfires has virtually gone away."

    Brad Stonehouse
    Mine Manager
    Silver Bell Mining, LLC

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  • Customer Stories

    "The blasting program was completed safely with no damage to nearby infrastructure"

    Bryan Goodwin
    Project Manager
    Dow Chemicals, Australia

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  • Customer Stories

    "Orica provided us with a cost effective solution, they were extremely easy to deal with responding at the drop of a hat when requested."

    Dennon Bell
    Transfield Services
    Oparure Road, Waitomo, New Zealand

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