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Reduce the complexity of mining when blasting in sensitive areas or close to communities.

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With WebGen™, blasting challenges are significantly reduced, giving you the flexibility to maintain sleeping shots by firing on demand ensuring minimal disruptions to nearby environments. The secret lies in the absence of wires or signal tubes on the surface, making WebGen™ a truly secure and reliable solution. 

Lucas Reis, Department Head Drill and Blasting Kinross Paracatu
"In our operations, the rock blasting activity is carried out adopting several assumptions, mainly in relation to safety, community, and environment, always committed to following all the required parameters. The technological innovations provided through the partnership between Orica and Kinross provide an opportunity to optimize drilling and rock blasting techniques and designs at the Morro do Ouro mine, WebGen technology is a clear example. We are committed to ensuring excellence in our operations, positioning ourselves as a world reference operation, especially in relation to safety and social responsibility"

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Firing on Demand This link will open in a new window

Reduce the number of blasting events by merging multiple WebGen™ blasts and firing in one event.

Secure when loaded This link will open in a new window

There are no in hole or surface wires, this ensures product is secure in blasthole once loaded.

Flyrock and dust suppression This link will open in a new window

Extra layer of material - clay, steel or rubber mesh, as an additional mitigation measure. Irrigation through water trucks driving over loaded blast patterns can aid in dust suppression.




Block Cave - Drawbell & Undercut​
Reduce cycle times by pre-charging rings with WebGen™. Eliminate the need for rill stabilisation and redrilling​
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Block Cave - Pre-Conditioning
Reduce complexity of the drill and blast process, remove people from hazardous areas and complete mining cycle faster.
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Simplified Bench Operations
WebGen™ reduces complexity of on bench operations and eliminates wire related misfires in Surface Mining.
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Stranded Pillar Recovery
Pillar extraction is high cost and resource heavy. Reduce extraction costs up to 75% using wireless technology.​
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Sub Level Caves
By pre-charging blast holes WebGen™ offers a significantly safer solution at SLC operations, reducing exposure of personnel at the brow and the opportunity move more material per shift lowering overall cost per tonne.
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Sub Level Open Stope
Aggregating charging events will minimise re-entry to the stope, reduce dilution, maximise free bogging and increase the speed of stope turnover.
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Temporary Pillar Recovery​
Revolutionary mining method to extract ore pillars that previously could not be recovered. Using WebGen™ the inaccessible pillars can be blasted, reducing dilution by >30% and increasing truck fill factors.​
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