Lead-free non-electric detonator range

Neo is Orica’s brand for environmentally friendly, sustainable initiation systems products. The neo range of Exel™ non-electric detonators is manufactured using a lead-free formulation in Gyttorp, Sweden. Exel™ Neo detonators use the Non Primary Explosives Detonator (NPED) technology and are therefore free of lead azide and any other lead compounds in the pyrotechnic delay compositions or within the detonator.

Products from the Exel™ Neo range are suitable for use with Orica Pentex™ boosters and Senatel™ packaged explosives and are currently only available in EMEA region.





  • Iron Ore
  • Surface Metal
  • Construction
  • Quarrying
  • Surface Coal
  • Underground Construction
  • Underground Mining
  • Civil Infrastructure

Hole Conditions

  • Underground construction
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Dry
  • Dewatered
  • Wet
  • Hot and/or reactive ground
  • Hard Rock
  • Hot and / or Reactive Ground



*Mandatory fields


Mandatory field(s) marked with *
  • Exel ™ - Double dets - Downline and Surface
  • Exel ™ - Heavy duty shock tube
  • Exel ™ MS