Want to predict and visualise the impact changes would have on your mine's gold recovery?


Maximising your gold recovery relies on constant shifting, adjusting variables throughout your process. While the subtlest of changes can dramatically increase returns, we realise that they can also prove to be lengthy and costly. But it does not have to be that way.

Greater Speed. Greater Certainty. 

LeachIT™ enables you to see just how your process will respond to changes, without time-consuming and expensive experiments. This simulation software allows you to visualise and predict gold leaching outcomes based on your mine’s unique requirements. You can respond to feed variability more quickly and enhance processes - so that your mine recovers more gold.

The software has been specifically developed by Orica to support metallurgists in optimising recovery in continuous leaching. Once calibrated to your processes, LeachIT™ enables plant teams to quickly answer complex questions with greater certainty, empowering the people who know your process best.

Visualise Insights

LeachIT™ simulates changes to your process and shows you their impact on gold recovery. These adjustments could be based on feed, tank or tail measurements. Alternatively, they may involve changes to your physical plant such as tank size and configuration.

Whatever the adjustments you wish to make for your mine, you’ll be able to predict their impacts more quickly and with greater certainty with Orica’s simulation software.

LeachIT™ has been built to align with best operating practices. So, rather than requiring inputs that are unknown or hard to come by, it focuses on process data that you’re already collecting.

LeachIT™ harnesses this information not only to calculate but also visualise gold recovery and cyanide consumption. Quick scenario modelling of commonly observed process changes is brought to life through an easy to use interface, giving your people a clearer understanding of the benefits any proposed changes will bring to your operations. 

Empowering Your People

Orica has tailored its services to work around your mine’s specific goals. Our modelling team will work collaboratively with your people, supporting them in their roles. Once developed for your mine’s specific needs, LeachIT™ can be used in one of two ways.

The simulation software can be harnessed to provide insights for a one-off exercise. Or you may choose to discover insights on an ongoing basis. This way, your team can continually model changes and predict their impacts, increasing gold recovery.

Whichever way you choose to use LeachIT™, you’ll be backed by the calibration support of Orica’s modelling team, helping you to answer complex questions with certainty.

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