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COVID-19 Global Community Response

As the devastating impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the world, we have seen our people come together to support their local communities and those who may be most vulnerable or at risk. 

We understand the lasting impacts from COVID-19, so we are doing what we can to ensure our communities are supported now and into the future. 

Our Global COVID19 Community Support Package will build on the wonderful initiatives already being driven by our teams globally, and allow us to continue to support the community organisations and services who serve the most vulnerable communities surrounding our operations. 

Targeting our response

When it comes to supporting our communities, we think global and act local. We are empowering our sites and offices around the world to respond quickly and effectively to the most pressing local issues. Our teams work in direct consultation with community organisations to deliver vital supplies, including personal protective equipment like masks or gloves, and food deliveries to frontline workers.

Leveraging our manufacturing and digital expertise 

From adapting our manufacturing sites to produce hand-sanitiser for surrounding community organisations, repurposing the technologies on our trucks and hoses to provide sanitisation in outdoor communal areas, and working with education partners to digitise learning programs to connect remote students to online STEM modules - we’re leveraging our expertise and capabilities to create innovative solutions to global problems. 

Prioritising care and support 

Most importantly, we are prioritising care and support for those who are most vulnerable within the communities where we operate. From the delivery of food to remote communities, to providing much needed funds to local organisations who serve those experiencing the impacts of COVID19 most deeply, it’s all part of our ongoing commitment to building safe, resilient and prosperous communities, during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Check in for updates on how we progress our community support initiatives over the coming weeks and months.