In line with our ongoing target, we reported zero fatalities in FY2023.


  • Includes Employees and Contractors. Fatalities are categorised by a review of Orica's degree of control over circumstances of the event leading to the fatality. We record non-work related and third-party fatalities separate to this metric.
  • Fatalities – Employees: An employee death resulting from a work-related incident or exposure.
  • Fatalities – Contractors: A contractor death resulting from a work-related incident or exposure under the direct operational control of Orica.  This includes contractors working on Orica Controlled sites and contractors working offsite but under the direct control of Orica.  This excludes distribution events where the contractor is operating on contractor sites or public roads under the operational control of the contractor.
  • Further information can be found in  Orica's 2023 Annual Report.