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Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative

Working together towards a decarbonised future 

Australian_industry_energy_transitions_initiativesOrica joins some of Australian industry’s biggest companies in support of the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative (Australian Industry ETI), to work together to develop pathways and action towards emissions reductions across critical supply chains.

The Australian Industry ETI will support industry players in traditionally hard-to-abate sectors to work collaboratively and help best prepare the industry for success in a decarbonised global economy.

Convened by not-for-profit bodies ClimateWorks Australia and Climate-KIC Australia, the initiative will focus on opportunities across five supply chains – steel, aluminium, liquified natural gas, other metals (lithium, copper and nickel) and chemicals (including explosives and fertiliser). 

The Australian Industry ETI’s identification of supply chain opportunities will complement the work of other emissions reduction initiatives and programs, including the federal Technology Investment Roadmap, and international collaborations for clean energy and industry transitions.

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