People and Capabilities

We are cultivating an inclusive and respectful environment to empower our people to fulfill their potential and shape our future. Our people are our most valuable resource and we are committed to strengthening the capabilities of our talented and diverse team.

We  strive to ensure our workforce is engaged and knowledgeable and that our employees have the opportunities they need to perform at their best and achieve their goals. 

We encourage diversity of thought through a culture of collaboration and our recruitment approaches. Meanwhile, we are investing in the things that matter to attract and retain a world-class workforce with the capabilities and motivation required to meet evolving technology and stakeholder needs and achieve our net zero ambition. 

Please click here to see how sustainability-linked loans incentivise our sustainability performance.

Our focus areas for improving our employee experience and building our capabilities:

Prioritising a performance culture

  • supporting and empowering our people to achieve their potential and fulfil their passion;
  • a culture of empowerment and inclusive leadership; and
  • a clearly defined employee value proposition.

Developing capabilities to drive our competitive advantage

  • targeted leadership development programs that help management teams address key challenges; 
  • a refreshed learning strategy to improve our technical capability; and
  • a global graduate program to strengthen the emerging talent pipeline and provide access to the critical skills needed to sustain our business.

Supporting our people and their careers

  • enterprise and regional mentoring programs; 
  • talent assessments and building high performing teams; and
  • accelerated pathways for early and emerging talent.

Improving our employee experience

  • evolving and digitising our employee experience; and
  • streamlining, standardising and improving employee self-service.

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Fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture

To attract and retain a diverse workforce we are enabling and fostering the right culture and an inclusive environment. Our refreshed People Strategy has the following priorities:

  • building an attractive talent brand to further strengthen our talent pipeline and attract a diverse pool of talent to Orica;
  • enabling an inclusive culture and new ways of working by empowering our people through systems, policies and behaviours; and
  • increasing leadership accountability through clear leadership expectations and measurable behavioural outcomes.