A new era in safety at the development face

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The potential for automating drill and blast in underground headings

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An automated future for blasting in Surface operations

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Enhancing drawpoint safety with wireless technology

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Avatel™ – Fully mechanised development charging
A step change in safe and productive development charging through advanced mechanisation, automation and digitalisation.
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Secondary breakage and hang-up blasting
Tele-remote blasting solution enabled by WebGen™ wireless technology.
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Featured News

Coal International_March April 2024_WebGen editorial (2)
28 Mar 2024   Transforming the industry: wireless blasting in surface coal, quarries, and hard rock (pdf 694.7KB)This link will open in a new window
Coal International's March-April 2024 issue features the WebGen™ wireless blasting system, highlighting its safety, productivity, and environmental benefits, and plans for further development with WebGen™ 200 Surface Pro demonstrations in the coal mining industry.
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AFR Awards - Latest News Widget
27 Sep 2023   Orica Named Most Innovative Large Company for 2023This link will open in a new window
Orica has been recognised as the Most Innovative Large Company and taking out the number one spot under the Agriculture, Mining and Utilities category for Avatel™ in the 2023 Australian Financial Review and Inventium’s Most Innovative Companies List.
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27 Jul 2023   Conference Paper - Shifting The Needle On Safety At The Face – Wireless Development Charging With Orica and Epiroc’s Avatel™ charging Solution (pdf 1MB)This link will open in a new window
Conference Paper - This paper reviews earlier attempts to mechanise underground charge-up and describes the development journey of Avatel™.
Orica acknowledges the 26th World Mining Congress as the publisher of the conference proceedings.
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Global Mining Review December WebGen Cover
11 May 2023   WebGen™ enabling safe and efficient blasting - Global Mining Review This link will open in a new window
In the December 2023 edition of Global Mining Review, Washington Vilas Boas, Technical Services Engineer - Brazil, delves into how WebGen™ wireless initiating systems are redefining social responsibility and social licence to operate for surface mining without compromising productivity.
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GMR May News imageWebGen_250
11 May 2023   Stay ahead of the storm (pdf 1MB)This link will open in a new window
Martin Adam, Senior Manager of Commercialisation explains how conventional initiation systems impose constraints that limit mining fleet productivity during storm seasons. Our WebGen™ 200 wireless initiating system removes these constraints and creates opportunities for significant improvements in s ...
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WG200 SurfaceRelease_250.jpg
7 Mar 2023   WebGen™ 200 Surface Wireless Initiating System Set for Commercial ReleaseThis link will open in a new window
Orica today announced the commercial release of WebGen™ 200 Surface. Developed based on the success of more than 5,000 WebGen™ 100 blasts around the world, containing over 150,000 primers, Orica’s WebGen™ 200 Surface will change how the industry blasts, more safe and efficient blasting. The wirele ...
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MM Awards Winner 2022_250.jpg
30 Jan 2023   Orica Wins Two Categories in the 2022 Mining Magazine AwardsThis link will open in a new window
Orica has taken home two category wins in the 2022 Mining Magazine Awards: In the Drill and Blast category, winning with our 4D™ bulk explosives system, and in the Operations and Safety category, our WebGen™ Mine Schedule Flexibility. A fitting recognition to our teams involved in the winning techno ...
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WebGen 200 Surface_Thumbnail
19 Oct 2022   Orica Successfully Trials WebGen™ 200 Surface at Blair AtholThis link will open in a new window
The Alpha trial program is a comprehensive verification process and validation product testing in field and Orica has hit some successful milestones recently with Alpha trials for their WebGen™ 200 Surface primer in USA, Chile and now in Australia with Blair Athol being the first coal mine globally ...
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6 Dec 2021   Blasting the surface (pdf 9.3MB)This link will open in a new window
Wireless initiating systems allow for groups of in-hole primers to be wirelessly initiated by a firing command that communicates through rock, air, and water. This World Coal article looks at how wireless blasting can benefit surface mining operations.
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16 Nov 2021   Media Release - Orica reports successful production trial of WebGen™ 200This link will open in a new window
As Orica progress towards the full commercial release of WebGen™ 200, another milestone was recently achieved at Moose Creek Quarry in Canada.
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10 Sep 2021   Media Release - Orica to unveil second generation through-the-earth, fully wireless initiating technologyThis link will open in a new window
Orica’s WebGen™ 200 technology has been designed with customers’ needs and feedback built-in as they look to further improve safety and productivity across their operations.
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Avatel EMJ - Featured News thumbnail
5 Mar 2021   Future of underground development charging (pdf 405.3KB)This link will open in a new window
Vice President Explosives, Services and Automation John Cooper speaks with Engineering & Mining Journal about how Avatel™ will redefine safety and productivity at the face in the near future.
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11 Feb 2021   The era of wireless blasting (pdf 8.4MB)This link will open in a new window
The era of wireless blasting has truly arrived, delivering quantifiable benefits across every mining segment, including improved safety, operational flexibility, and increased ore recovery – all of which are key industry drivers.
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Down to the wireless-GMR
24 Nov 2020   Down to the wireless (pdf 7.1MB)This link will open in a new window
In early 2017, Orica launched WebGen™, a fully wireless initiating system for the first stage in fully automating the drill and blast process. It has now been fired in over 650 blasts in both surface and underground mines around the world.
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23 Nov 2020   Orica and Epiroc unveil prototype system for first stages of underground automationThis link will open in a new window
Melbourne, Australia: Orica and Epiroc have successfully co-developed a prototype of the world’s first semi-automated explosives delivery system.
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International Mining Thumb 2020
10 Aug 2020   Initiating change (pdf 2.9MB)This link will open in a new window
Having sweated all the assets possible to bring down their cost base, mining companies are now addressing the front end of the process to cut costs further. International Mining looks at how the explosives and blasting sector is responding.
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19 Jun 2020   Orica and Epiroc partner to deliver blast automationThis link will open in a new window
Orica and Epiroc will jointly develop a semi-automated explosives delivery system, enabling safer and more productive blasting operations in underground mines.
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19 Jun 2020   Cadia partners in rock breaking trial putting safety first (pdf 279.5KB)This link will open in a new window
A ‘safety driven initiative’ has been successfully trialled at Newcrest Mining’s Cadia Valley Operations site using remote drilling, loading and wireless blasting to remove the exposure of workers to major hazards associated with draw points at Cadia East.
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Coal International Thumbnail
18 Feb 2020   Blasting without wires in Surface and Underground (pdf 239.6KB)This link will open in a new window
Since the launch of WebGen™, the world’s first wireless initiating system in early 2017, Orica has executed more than 500 blasts fired using the wireless technology in both surface and underground mines around the world.
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International Mining Beyond Blasting
2 Aug 2019   Beyond Blasting (pdf 1.8MB)This link will open in a new window
International Mining looks at innovations in the explosives and blasting sector, with one eye on automation and wireless detonation procedures.
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