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Planning and Development

Orica undertakes thorough and extensive planning to enable construction activities to meet required safety and environmental management standards.

Ammonium Nitrate Expansion Project

Key documents

Construction management plans

Project CEMPs

Environmental management plans

Environmental assessment and annual reporting

Noise audits

Independent environmental audit

Hazard Audit

Post approval documents for the Expansion Consent (MP08_0129) and subsequent modifications are publicly available from the following link on the Department of Planning industry and Environment Major Planning Portal

Arsenic Remediation Project

Key documents

Remediation Validations Reports

Ongoing monitoring and management of the cell is occurring in accordance with a Long Term Environmental Management Plan (PDF 22.8MB), which includes groundwater monitoring to confirm the performance of the cell:

Groundwater Monitoring Program Reports

The Remediation Validation Report and LTEMP for the arsenic cell have been reviewed by a NSW EPA accredited contaminated site auditor who has issued a Site Audit Statement/Site Audit Report. (PDF 49MB)

Environmental assessment and annual reporting

Independent environmental audit

If you would like further information or to comment on the arsenic remediation project, please contact us.