Routine testing of emergency sirens at Orica Fisherman's Landing Ammonia Terminal

31 Oct 2017

Orica has installed two low frequency Emergency Sirens at Fisherman’s Landing, to enable rapid notification of an ammonia related incident that may impact our industrial neighbours in the Port Precinct.  Sirens have been positioned on top of Orica’s Ammonia Tank (primary siren) and at the Fisherman’s Landing Berth #5 (secondary siren). 

To maintain operational readiness, these sirens need to be tested regularly.  Orica will commence testing the Fisherman’s Landing Emergency Sirens on Wednesday 1 November 2017.  

 The Ammonia Terminal siren will be tested each Wednesday at 10:00 AEST, with a regular activation test (wind up for approximately 5 seconds and wind down over 30 seconds), and on the first Wednesday of each month the siren will be full-load tested (extend for approximately 1-2 minutes).  Shortly afterwards, the Fisherman’s Landing Berth #5 siren will be tested with a regular activation test, and monthly full-load test.