Optimising blasting productivity in constrained environments

Quarries, by necessity, are located in urban areas in close proximity to people and property. Adhering to local air overpressure and blast-induced ground vibration limits is therefore crucial in enabling a quarry to maintain their licence to operate. To assist our customers in meeting their environmental obligations, we have developed several industry leading prediction tools for environmental control, as well as the tools required to measure these blasting impacts, such as ENVIROTrack™.

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  • Customer Stories

    "Stevenson Group Drury Quarry is located close to neighbours, so adhering to local air overpressure and vibration limits is crucial for the quarry to maintain their licence to operate."

    Drury Quarry
    Stevenson Group

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  • Customer Stories

    "With consistent fragmentation and blast outcomes, we can provide flow-on benefits right down the line for our quarry customers."

    Dunmore Boral

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