Orica successfully trials WebGen 200 Surface at Blair Athol

19 Oct 2022

Developed based on the success of more than 4,000 WebGen™ 100 blasts around the world, containing over 125,000 primers. Orica’s WebGen™ 200 technology continues its successful entry into the high-volume surface mining market.

WebGen™ technology provides for groups of in-hole primers to be wirelessly initiated by a firing command that communicates through hundreds of metres of rock, water, and air. This completely removes constraints often imposed by the requirement of a physical connection to each primer in a blast and importantly allows us to remove people from harm’s way.

Engineered to deliver robust safety and reliability, WebGen™ 200 has been built with enhanced capabilities, security and versatility, ensuring it meets the extreme mining conditions faced by surface and underground customers.

WebGen™ 200 harnesses digital technology to allow advanced features including digital inventory management, an improved user interface and increased quality assurance.

The Alpha trial program is a comprehensive verification process and validation product testing in field and Orica has hit some successful milestones recently with Alpha trials for their WebGen™ 200 Surface primer in USA, Chile and now in Australia with Blair Athol being the first coal mine globally to trial the new generation technology.

Orica Senior Manager WebGen Commercialisation, Rhys Patterson said:

“We’re excited about what the future holds for the industry with WebGen 200 as we progress towards commercial release of WebGen 200 Surface, which is expected in early 2023. The success of the program would not be possible without the trust and willingness of our value customers to partner with us”.

Orica closed out Alpha trials of its second generation fully wireless initiating system for the underground market in September. Orica’s underground customers around the world have started to transition to the WebGen™ 200 Underground Pro, with customer’s reaping the benefits of adopting this game-changing technology.

The hardware, software and the WebGen™ 200 units come together as a versatile and reliable service offered by Orica. WebGen™ 200 will be available in four product variants and include a wider range of booster weights, opening new segments, applications and opportunities in both surface and underground mining. The complete product range now includes the WebGen™ 200 Surface, WebGen™ 200 Surface Pro, WebGen™ 200 Underground Pro, and WebGen™ 200 Dev.

WebGen™ 200 Surface Alpha Blast Blair Athol video on YouTube

For more information on the WebGen™ system please contact your local Orica representative or visit orica.com/wireless to explore the system.

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The new WebGen™ 200 suite of fully wireless initiating systems

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