Advancing digital technology in the mining industry, Orica unveils its first orica digital solutions centre in Asia

06 Dec 2023

Orica (ORI:ASX) unveils its first Orica Digital Solutions Centre in Asia, situated at the Orica Asia Headquarters in Jakarta. The centre will serve as a digital hub for showcasing Orica’s groundbreaking digital solutions including:

1) BlastIQ™: Secure cloud-hosted platform facilitating effective storage, management, sharing, and referencing of all blast-related information.
2) FRAGTrack™ Gantry: Market-first haul truck measurement solution that combines real-time oversized material detection enabling redirecting from the crusher.
3) Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES): Powerful whole-of-mine optimisation simulator for rapidly assessing both narrow and broad-based scenarios across the value chain.
4) OREPRO™ 3D Predict: Software application that predictively models blast movement without hardware or surveys, enabling iterative blast design outcomes and improved grade control.

This facility showcases Orica's commitment to driving digital transformation across the mining value chain offering customers a first-hand experience with state-of-the-art solutions that integrate software, sensors, and data science. The initiative underscores Orica's dedication to digitally integrated end-to-end workflows across the mining chain enabling customers to sustainably mobilise the Earth’s resources. 

Orica is committed to supporting customers by pioneering digital solutions that redefine industry standards, deliver safety, productivity and recovery benefits and foster sustainable development.

Orica Group Executive & President Asia & Chemicals Adam Hall said:

“As Orica's fastest growing region, Orica Asia values how digital progress drives the industry forward. With over 400 adoptions globally, including countries within Asia, Mongolia, China, India, Philippines, and Indonesia, using Orica's digital solutions, we've established the Orica Digital Solutions Centre in Jakarta.” 

“Indonesia is not only a key player in global mining, but a critical part of the Orica network with more than 500 employees in radar monitoring, manufacturing, mine site services and our regional Headquarters. Indonesia holds a special place in our hearts, prompting us to continually invest in our business growth”.

Orica’s Country Director for Indonesia Damien Marik said: “Orica's unwavering commitment in Indonesia's mining industry since the late '90s has forged a transformative path and through successful blasting and digital innovation, we're reshaping the industry. The Orica Digital Solutions Centre opens a window for stakeholders to witness and experience Orica's cutting-edge digital solutions. These innovations aim not just to optimise operations, enhance safety, and streamline processes but to revolutionise the entire industry.” 

Rajkumar Mathiravedu, Orica Vice President of Digital Solutions commented: “This is an exciting step with the establishment of the Digital Solutions Centre in Asia. Our end-to-end ecosystem connects the digital world to real-world actions, giving our customers timely insights across their operations. This allows us to translate those insights into critical intelligence for better decision making and the delivery of more predictable outcomes in near real-time.” 

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Orica’s Country Director for Indonesia Damien Marik, Asia Head of Marketing and Strategy Ola Al Hassani, and Asia Digital Solutions Manager Remon Sinaga inaugurated the Orica Digital Solutions Centre.

Digital Solutions team member explains how the technology works and its benefits at the Orica Digital Solutions Centre.

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