Orica Wins Two Categories in the 2022 Mining Magazine Awards

30 Jan 2023

Orica has taken home two category wins in the 2022 Mining Magazine Awards: In the Drill and Blast category, winning with our 4D™ bulk explosives system, and in the Operations and Safety category, our WebGen™ Mine Schedule Flexibility. A fitting recognition to our teams involved in the winning technologies that are delivering value for our customers.



4D™ is our latest bulk explosives system that enables the real-time tailoring of explosives energy to geology across a blast. The proprietary technology that enables explosives loading through both pumped and augured methods is capable of reducing explosives consumption, fume, vibration and nitrate leaching. Learn more.

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Mine Schedule Flexibility solution enabled by WebGen™ removes the need for physical wired connections to a blast or within the blasthole.  Opening a whole new range of possibilities, including the safe passage of mining equipment over loaded blastholes increasing vertical advance in surface mining operations. Learn more.

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