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Latest software predicts vibration and airblast outcomes to conserve sensitive structures

15 Apr 2021

Today we announced the release of our new Advanced Vibration Management (AVM) software that links blast design, modelling and measurement to conserve ...

Executive Committee Appointments

1 Apr 2021

Orica (ASX: ORI) Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Sanjeev Gandhi, who started in the role today, has announced several changes to the com ...

CEO Appointment and Remuneration

1 Apr 2021

Orica (ASX: ORI) today announced that Sanjeev Gandhi, previously announced as Managing Director and CEO designate on 26 February 2021, has been offici ...

International Women’s Day Series – Maggie Kaniki and Leojenen Etulle

30 Mar 2021

Maggie Kaniki and Leojenen Etulle talk about the importance of representation and mentorship during your career

International Women’s Day Series – Cara Rosen and Leonela Delgado

25 Mar 2021

Cara Rosen and Leonela Delgado speak about breaking down assumptions and building credibility

International Women’s Day Series – Jennifer Haviland

18 Mar 2021

Jennifer Haviland speaks about smashing stereotypes, and how going against the grain helped shape the trajectory of her career.

Building the technology of tomorrow

15 Mar 2021

New technologies are allowing us to think differently, mine differently, operate more precisely and, most importantly, remove people from harm’s way.

International Women’s Day Series – Dawn Goosen and Annie Lacombe

9 Mar 2021

Dawn Goosen and Annie Lacombe share their experiences about overcoming gender-based barriers during their careers.

Orica announces CEO succession

26 Feb 2021

Orica (ASX: ORI) Chairman Malcolm Broomhead today announced that Alberto Calderon will step down from his role as Managing Director and CEO.

Market update on factors impacting first half of FY21

26 Feb 2021

Orica (ASX: ORI) today provided an update on key factors reducing Earnings Before Interest and Tax in the first half of FY21.