Alberto Calderon: Accelerating the Reinvention of Tomorrow’s Technology

27 Nov 2020

At this week’s International Mining and Resources Conference, Orica CEO Alberto Calderon delivered a keynote address ‘Accelerating the Reinvention of Tomorrow’s Technology’.

Exploring the impact vast data is having across the mining value chain, Mr Calderon spoke about the benefits to be gained from automating processes, including improved productivity, safety and the ability to reach previously unobtainable ore bodies. 

“Today, our industry is being reimagined, and we are beginning to realise the benefits of vast data across the mining value chain – from exploration to processing and logistics.

“We have seen significant shifts in the past five years in digital solutions and the exploitation of existing datasets, as well as the proliferation of IoT devices and sensors, integrated and optimised digital workflows and critically, the insights to operations that are allowing us to make real-time decisions at every stage of the value chain.

“At Orica, we’ve used the billions of data points we’ve collected to underpin the development and evolution of a suite of enhanced digital technologies and solutions, empowering real-time decision making and increased control of blasting outcomes.”

You can view the full address below. 


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